How to create FTP clients on Vesta?
How to use my own domain to the hosting service?

How to create FTP clients on Vesta?

  1. After login to the Vesta Control Panel via
  2. Web -> {your doamin name} ->Edit
    Edit website on vesta
  3. Go to the bottom of the page. Check the Additional FTP option and type the username and password after that save your settings.create ftp account on vesta
  4. Ftp account has already created. Now, you can use FTP client software like FileZilla to access the FTP.

How to use my own domain the hosting service?

  1. If your package is not enough to create a new domain, you must remove the original one. 
    Web -> {your doamin name} -> Delete
    Delete website on vesta
  2. Create a new website with your new domain.
  3. You can find the IP of the name server of your domain as below
    ip of name server
  4. Change your name server IP to our name server IP through your domain hosting. After the change, your domain may not be accessible immediately since the DNS change requires up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide.