Manage your files from any device anywhere by KodExplorer. We provided KodExplorer installer for users.

How can I get KodExplorer work on

  1. Create a free subdomain on our platform.
  2. Login into My dashboard
  3. Click the "Install KodExplorer" button under your subdomain name.
  4. After installation, the page will redirect to the password setting page of KodExplorer. Type the password for the KodExplorer.

What is KodExplorer?

KodExplorer is an online file manager and web editor that runs over the browser. KodExplorer provides a user interface, operational logic and usage habits similar to Windows Explorer. It supports an online preview of hundreds of file formats. You can use any devices have installed any web browser login into KodExplorer easily. With KodExplorer you can manage your files online and share them with your friends/colleagues/customers just with a browser. Also, KodExplorer embedded code editor for the programmer which allowing develop website directly over the web browser.

  • File list Type (icon,list,split) 
    File list Type (icon,list,split)
  • Archives create/extract/preview (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, tgz)
    Archives create/extract/preview (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, tgz)
  •   Drag upload 
    Drag upload
  • Player
  • Online Office view & Editor 
    Online Office view & Editor
  • Colorful Theme
    Colorful Theme
  • Language
  • Editor

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